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Nursery Units

Its very useful facility to raise nursery.Seedlingssaplings,trees, shrubs, and other plantscanbegrown in controlled environmentand maintained for specific time till transplanting to right fieldenvironment.Structure is made in pure galvanized pipes and other supporting material


This unit providesfollowing support / facilities to farmers /researcher.

  • Greater number of plants in smallerarea
  • Better control due to smaller area management.
  • Better pest and disease management.
  • Better handling of plants.
  • Favorable temperature / humidity levels for plants through pad evaporating system.
  • Protection of plants from harsh weather.
  • Controlled entry for authorized persons only.
  • Racks / Tables to place seedling trays.
  • Fogging system to enhance humidity in dryseason.
  • Grow lights ( If required. )
  • Length, width and height is as per customer demand / requirements.
  • Easy movement for nursery handling team.


Plants / Crops Nursery Can be Produced:

  •  Cucumber Nursery
  • Tomato Nursery
  • Capsicum Nursery
  • Green Chili
  • Nursery
  •  Bitter gourd Nursery
  • Cauliflower /
  • Cabbage Nursery
  • Regular Flowers
  • Nursery
  • Cut Flowers Nursery
  • Fruit Plants Nursery
  • Shrubs Nursery
  • Tree Nursery
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Nursery

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