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PEQ Station / Screen House

PEQ (Post Entry Quarantine Facility) or screen house is a vital facility to grow crops in semi natural and contained environment. Mainly insect net sheet is provided on complete unit which helps to reduce disease probability due to flying agents (white fly / fruit fly etc.) . It’s entry room is equipped with different equipment like air curtain / disinfection trays for foot bath / wash basin etc. to avoid contamination through human intervention.Seed Companies are using this facility for new trials.Its structure is made with galvanized pipes.


This facility is made to help farmers / researchers with following comfort,

  • Controlled pollination.
  • Better control of disease due to contained facility.
  • Crop hanging wires to take crop load.
  • High height gives good environment to plants resulting less stress on plants.
  • Misting system can be added.
  • Drip irrigation system with dedicated fertigation unit.
  • Easy tractor movement.
  • Human can move easily which gives liberty for better scouting , picking , spray application etc.
  • Controlled entry gates.
  • Other customized facilities.
  • Length, width and height is as per customer demand / requirements. 


Plants / Crops Nursery Can be Produced: 

  • All type of field crops ( Corn / Rice / Sugarcane etc.)
  • Vegetables ( Tomato / cucumber etc.)
  • Spices
  • Regular Flowers 
  • Cut Flowers 
  • Fruit Plants 
  • Ornamental Plants 
  • Many others

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