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Low Tunnel Farming in Pakistan

Off-season vegetable cultivation is recommended with the use of low tunnel farming technique in Pakistan. It is the cheapest among the available options and quite similar to conventional farming methods. These tunnels are suitable for heavy individual fruit bearing crops, i.e. melons, watermelons (tarbooz), pumpkin (kado), round gourds (tinda), squashes (papeeta) etc. For the purpose of this guide, low tunnel farming is being used as a medium sized off-season fruit farming unit.. Three crops are being proposed, namely; watermelon (tarbooz), muskmelon (kharbooza) and round gourd (tinda).

Low Tunnel Structure

Each tunnel will be 200 feet long, 3.5 ~ 4 feet high and 4 feet wide. The tunnel is built by a 1/4-inch diameter Iron rod of 10 feet length, in half moon shape. The plastic pipes are placed at regular intervals of approximately 10 feet. Each tunnel structure will then be covered by a 0.04 mm thick and 10 feet wide plastic sheet. Approximately 25 tunnels can be constructed on an acre of land depending on the type of vegetable, i.e. watermelon, muskmelon or round gourd.

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