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Walk-in Tunnel Farming in Pakistan

Off-season vegetable cultivation is recommended with the use of walk in tunnel structure on the basis of its low construction cost. The proposed project is designed as a medium sized off-season vegetable farming unit, spreading over a land area of 9 acres. Off-season vegetables, such as, tomatoes, chillies, cucumber, brinjal, hot pepper, sweet peppers, watermelon, muskmelon, pumpkin, ridge-gourd (teendi) and bitter-gourd (krela) can be cultivated using walk-in tunnel technology. However for the purpose of this article, three vegetables have been proposed, namely: cucumber, bitter gourd and hot pepper.

Walk-In-Tunnel Structure

The structure of walk-in-tunnel is of size i.e. 200ft length, 10ft width & 7ft height for one tunnel. One acre consists of 14 tunnels. “CREATIVES TECH” provides this structure in pure galvanised. This structure may be dismantled in idle period and re-installed in other field as per requirement. The land can be utilised for green manuring during the idle period to maintain the fertility of soil. Apart from green manuring, the land can also be utilized for growing seasonal vegetables in the idle period.

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