Farm Fencing

A variety of farm fencing systems for confining or excluding various kinds and sizes of livestock is available today. Although most fencing types have many applications on the farm, there is often one type best adapted to a specific function.

Fencing Types

  • Page Wire
  • Barbed Wire
  • Suspension (High Tension)
  • Smooth Wire Suspension
  • Barbed Wire Suspension
  • Electric Fence
  • Permanent Electric Fence
  • Non-Permanent Electric Fence

Barbed Wire Suspension

A barbed wire suspension fence can be more effective than smooth wire in controlling some animals, but is more time consuming and tedious to construct. Barbs will catch on the staples, reducing the whipping action, and there is an increased risk of injury to both the fence builder and the animals. Never electrify barbed wire suspension fencing as there is a danger to animals trapped for a significant length of time.

Electric Fence

Electric fencing can be built as permanent or non-permanent. Electric fencing can extend the life of a page wire fence. The high cost and labour of installing and maintaining traditional fences has made electric fencing more attractive.
Proper grounding and fence maintenance are important for the fence to carry an effective charge. Consider using a back-up power source. Solar energy is occasionally used to power the fence. Check with municipal bylaws for regulations on electric fencing.